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Spiritual Guidance

Personal Coaching and Spiritual Guidance

Enjoy 1:1 spiritual coaching sessions with Samaa Living Founder, Naader Shagagi

Naader Shagagi offers body and mind virtual guidance sessions

Body & Mind Guidance

Naader’s body & mind guidance is grounded in 35 years of study in asanas, breathwork, pranayama and concentration techniques.

Get a deeper understanding of your body and mind, and the relationship between the two transforming your subsconcious mind and your DNA to a higher evolution.

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Naader Shagagi offers virtual spiritual guidance sessions

Spiritual Guidance

Find your purpose in life and on this planet; understand your destiny and fate; and understand your sacred sciences and your human kingdom.

Naader approaches guidance from a holistic perspective, focusing on body, mind and spirit giving attention to the present or “now” ensuring the most effective result.

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Our aim is to help others REALIZE and spread the knowledge of UNITY, so that the bias of faiths and beliefs may of itself fall away, the human heart may overflow with love, and all hatred caused by distinctions and differences may be rooted out for the sake of harmony.

Our ideal is to educate the heart, mind and body of humanity, one at a time, in the Universal Ideal of ONENESS with GOD.


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