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Naader Shagagi

Naader Shagagi

Founder & Teacher

Trained in Raja Yoga at the Self Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles, and Hatha Yoga at The Yoga College of India, Beverly Hills, Naader Shagagi has been studying and practicing Yoga & Meditation since 1983. A former Ph.D. Candidate in Engineering, Naader also studied Philosophy and Religion before coming to Los Angeles as a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda in 1985.

A student of the great Yoga Master, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Sufi Mystic, Pir Inayat Khan, Naader brings a culmination of intensive study and personal experience presented to you through his Yoga of Mystics® philosophy.

Carolina Cotman

Carolina Cotman

Owner & Teacher

Inspired to practice yoga to set an example of living a balanced life for her children, Carolina’s journey has taken her on a deeper path towards spirituality and guiding others seeking peace and harmony. While Carolina has received her 200 Hour Certification from Yoga of Mystics®, she believes that a commitment to teaching yoga is a lifetime journey in which she sees the teacher in all, in particular her well-intended mother, mystical father, supportive and loving husband, strong willed daughter, affectionate son and her trustworthy teacher.

Art Grigorian

Art Grigorian


To me real yoga is a process of a gradual unlearning, a mental cleanse, a demolition of the false in us. It is as simple as that, yet it will take time and focused attention.

Just practice; move, breathe, sweat, listen, observe, meditate, pray. The transformation will happen. The body will change and becomes healthy to endure the pains and limitations the false mind creates. The thinking will become strong and focused, our soul will become robust.  That is the real power of Yoga and I welcome you to this practice.

Melissa Castillo

Melissa Castillo


Throughout her life’s journey, Melissa has explored the healing properties of the body, especially through dance, play, energy & breath work, meditation, and yoga. She initially learned about the therapeutic benefits of movement in her youth when she recognized that she always felt better after she danced. Eventually, this led her on a path of inquiry into the body-mind connection, and she earned a Master of Arts in Dance/Movement Therapy from UCLA. She discovered how memories of our past experiences, as well as those of our families, relatives, and ancestors, are stored in our bodies and, when left untended, can lead to suffering, pain, and disease.

In 2005, Melissa was introduced to Curative Yoga™, which led her to a deeper understanding of the full power of yoga to heal through movement, breath, and connection to the infinite. She completed 200-hour yoga teacher training with Naader in 2006. In 2021, Melissa sought to deepen her knowledge of yoga in the Ghosh tradition, so she began simultaneously studying with Tony Sanchez while maintaining her daily Curative Yoga™ practice. She has since completed 300-hour teacher training in Core40 and Core84 Yoga. Her life path has taken her in many different directions over the years, but Melissa has always returned to teaching, and teaching yoga has always been one of her greatest joys.

Our aim is to help others REALIZE and spread the knowledge of UNITY, so that the bias of faiths and beliefs may of itself fall away, the human heart may overflow with love, and all hatred caused by distinctions and differences may be rooted out for the sake of harmony.

Our ideal is to educate the heart, mind and body of humanity, one at a time, in the Universal Ideal of ONENESS with GOD.


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Nestled between the fresh waters of Flathead Lake and the soaring peaks of the Swan and Mission Mountain range, our facilities offer space where you can come to seek wisdom, reconnect with nature, and renew body and mind.

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