Date & Time Details: Breathwork + Sound: Wednesday, July 31 @ 7pm
Please arrive by 6:45

Movement + Sober DJ Dance Celebration:
Sunday, Aug 4 @ 11am

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Heather

Email us about program

Resonance Event Registration: Breath + Sound / Dance Party

With Anthony Pietromonaco

July 31 - August 4, 2024

Samaa Retreat Center is excited to collaborate with Follow the Sound facilitator, Anthony Pietromonaco in August, to offer a truly unique experience.

In addition to our full 5 day retreat, we are inviting the community to participate in each individual event. Click on “Register Now” to see the options for a 1 hour Sound + Breath session, as well as our first ever Dynamic (and sober!) DJ Dance Party.

Hope to see you there!


Anthony Pietromonaco
LA based Anthony Pietromonaco is an experienced and masterful sound facilitator, breath-work facilitator, psychedelic guide, flow state specialist and martial artist. Anthony specializes in therapeutic experiences designed to use sound and altered states of consciousness to enable you to have a constructive dialogue with yourself. His practice, lovingly called “Follow the Sound” resembles a mental Dojo. He creates experiences that allow you to observe, fortify, celebrate, integrate, and in some cases eliminate limiting belief systems carried within yourself. As a multi-talented artist and guide, Anthony possesses both the ability to expertly caress instruments into their highest vibration, and the intuition…
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