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Retreat Leaders

Anthony Pietromonaco

LA based Anthony Pietromonaco is an experienced and masterful sound facilitator, breath-work facilitator, psychedelic guide, flow state specialist and martial artist. Anthony specializes in therapeutic experiences designed to use sound and altered states of consciousness to enable you to have a constructive dialogue with yourself. His practice, lovingly called “Follow the Sound” resembles a mental Dojo. He creates experiences that allow you to observe, fortify, celebrate, integrate, and in some cases eliminate limiting belief systems carried within yourself. As a multi-talented artist and guide, Anthony possesses both the ability to expertly caress instruments into their highest vibration, and the intuition…

Art Grigorian

Art Grigorian is a Yoga teacher living in Los Angeles. While studying Music Composition and Piano Performance at CSUN, he discovered Yoga, and after a decade of self practice, found inspiration to teach. His journey led him to the right teachers, as it often will, who continued to unravel the mystery and inspire clarity on his path. Art undertook his teacher training in Pasadena, CA under a distant disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, and began teaching yoga classes immediately. In 2014, Art went to India to study Mysore Ashtanga for 3 months. He returned to teach in Pasadena, and in 2016,…

Carolina Cotman

Carolina is a professional yoga instructor schooled in the arts of yoga and meditation. She studied under a sufi mystic and distant disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, and began teaching in Pasadena, CA.  While she has received her 200-hour certification from Yoga of Mystics®, she believes that a commitment to teaching yoga is a lifetime journey in which she sees the teacher in all, in particular her well-intended mother, mystical father, supportive and loving husband, strong-willed daughter, affectionate son and her trustworthy teacher. Carolina teaches 5-7 yoga classes every week alongside her own practice, and leads yoga retreats 3-4 times each…

Julie Skillicorn

I am Julie Gagnon Skillicorn LCSW, one of the founding members of InVision It Wellness. Welcome to our InVision It Wellness retreats. I have two Bachelor’s Degrees. One in Sociology and the other in Psychology. With those, I have worked in the social work field for many years. Most of my positions were in an industry that worked to pick up the pieces after tragedy or trauma had happened. I eventually received my Master’s Degree in Social Work and began to work with individuals in a more personal way. My personal certificates are many but a few include Emotional Focus…

Naader Shagagi

Trained in Raja yoga at the Self Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles and Hatha yoga at The Yoga College of India, Beverly Hills, Naader Shagagi has been studying and practicing yoga and meditation since 1983. A former Ph.D. Candidate in Engineering, Naader also studied Philosophy and Religion before coming to Los Angeles as a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda in 1985. A student of the great yoga master, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Sufi Mystic, Pir Inayat Khan, Naader brings a culmination of intensive study and personal experience presented to you through his yoga of Mystics® philosophy.

Sherie Caldwell

For me, yoga is a way of life. I teach different styles of yoga; Vinyasa, Yin, Gentle, Nidra and I LOVE my beginner classes and the opportunity to introduce yoga to newcomers! I have multiple teacher training certifications, but was truly transformed by my RYT 200 with my teacher Meg McCraken and Alaya School of Yoga. In addition, I received my RYT 300 with my teacher Selena Garafino. I have also recently obtained my Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Certification through Kerala School of Ayurveda. This was a perfect addition as a practitioner, as yoga and ayurveda are sister sciences, and work…

Our aim is to help others REALIZE and spread the knowledge of UNITY, so that the bias of faiths and beliefs may of itself fall away, the human heart may overflow with love, and all hatred caused by distinctions and differences may be rooted out for the sake of harmony.

Our ideal is to educate the heart, mind and body of humanity, one at a time, in the Universal Ideal of ONENESS with GOD.


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